creating a habit

Learning how to convert running into more of habit instead of a chore is challenging. I must admit that some mornings are a struggle to actually get out of bed 90 minutes earlier than necessary, and go for a run. I’ve learned to push through the mornings because once my run is finished, I feel a million times better. Today I got up and completed a 4 miles run at a much faster pace than usual. During my run this morning I started thinking about all the things that helped me to turn running into more of a habit.

Before I get into the details, I must give #propz to my good friend Jenn Staz for inspiring this post. She’s currently doing a ‘Become a Runner‘ series that I think is awesome and I wanted to share my take on her 1st post, The Routine.

Here’s what I came up with:

Set-up an automatic alarm. I set an alarm that goes off at 6am three times a week. Just knowing that an alarm will be going off in the morning puts me in the running mindset the night before.

Keep track of your running progress. Runkeeper has a great iPhone app that maps out your route using a GPS signal, in addition to recording your average pace and mile splits. Another reason why I love Runkeeper is because they send you email updates whenever you break a personal record. Those small accomplishments give me a boost to keep going.

Get a running partner. You’re always less likely to break a running plan when someone else is relying on you. Plus you’re likely to be helping your partner to keep up their running commitments as well.

Tell your friends about your plans. For me, I’d rather share my progress instead of an excuse as to why I didn’t run. Also, making a bet with a certain bf has also motivated me to keep going. Especially if you are competitive, like me, having a small bet with a friend can entice you to actually keep up with your running.

Lastly, set a goal. Signing up for a race gives you something to work towards each day. Since I’m planning to run a half marathon in October, I’ve got a training plan all laid out. Missing just one of my running days will throw off my entire schedule.

It’s not easy, but following these simple steps can help motivate you into actually keeping up with your running plan; so far they’ve worked for me!