my goals

So, I’ve been here a few times before. I’ve had a great idea for a blog, and all the good intentions to keep it going, but somehow, one way or another, I lose interest and the blog kind of dies. But not this time. This time I plan on sticking to it, especially since it ties in so closely with my other personal goal: to run the 2012 Boston Marathon. The farthest I’ve run before is 7 miles, so 26.2 is quite the jump, but it’s something that’s been in the back of my mind since I first moved to Boston in 2004. I’ve never really actually considered running it, or more like I never thought I could actually run it and finish it, but I think this year is the year to do it. My heart is set on running the Boston Marathon, even though I’m moving to DC in less than a month. For the time being I’ll be “Running Boston” but will make the transition to DC, once I make the big move. I figured this would be a great place to share how my training is going, and my new discoveries in DC.  Enjoy!


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